Why Do You Need Data Recovery Software?

Your personal and business computers contain lots of files and folders. However, while using your computer, you might have accidentally removed some important files. The deleted files simply go to the Recycle Bin. But, how will you get back those files when you have removed them from your PC? You think that the removal of files from Recycle Bin can cause the permanent destruction of data.

But, the binary files are still present in your system. Until another file has overwritten it, you can recover the lost file with the special software. Data recovery software has made it easy for you to restore the deleted folders and files on your PC and mobile. Find the list of the best data recovery software.

1. Stellar

Stellar is a highly popular platform for businesses that need data recovery solutions. You can find different scan options on this platform. The scanning process is customizable to the type of data you have lost. It makes the process time-saving, as you can avoid the full system scan. Moreover, the platform is compatible with different drives and file formats. Stellar can recover data from your flash drives, memory cards, and hard drives. The advanced features are available for premium users.

2. Tenorshare 4DDiG

This data recovery tool works with both Mac and Windows devices. When accident deletion and formatting have caused data loss, this software is the ultimate solution for you. The software also ensures free preview and fast scanning. Moreover, you may restore important data from a crashed Operating System. You can recover any file, including video and photos.

Tenorshareis designed with patented technology that restores data and retains the original format. Moreover, the software is available with 3 licensing options. Based on your needs, you can choose the right option. There is also a money-back guarantee with the software.

3. FonePaw

It is a professional standard data recovery tool compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. While formatting your hard drive, you can unintentionally delete your files.

FonePaw can help you in this situation. Moreover, before starting the recovery process, you can preview the files. The software presents you with Deep Scan and Quick Scan modes to locate your deleted files without effort. The pricing scheme includes the Family License and Lifetime License. You will get a free trial as the new user of FonePaw.

4. UnDeleteMyFiles Pro

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro is one of the reliable programs to recover lost files. Although the interface is not appealing, you may not encounter problems. Before starting your search, you need to select the file type to ensure faster results. You can find several tools used for different purposes, including data recovery. Moreover, you may narrow down the filtering option to find the file to be recovered.

Another interesting thing is the disk snapshot tool that helps in backing up your drives. You can safely recover emails and any files. Users have claimed that they have recovered files in their original condition.

5. Recuva

Recuva is an innovative program designed for recovering permanently deleted folders and files. The free software works on your USB flash drives, hard drives, MP3 Players, memory cards, and different storage devices. You can find it in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. The easily installable data prevents the risk of overwriting the data. The program is available with the Deep Scan mode, which is advantageous to look for hard-to-find files. As a new user, you can choose the freemium app. However, to enjoy better functionalities, you may buy a commercial license.

6. Minitool Power

This data recovery tool provides you with a comprehensive solution, and it can deal with more than 100 types of files. The application restores both deleted and lost data. With a 3-step process, you can recover the files. You can upgrade to the paid version by purchasing the subscription. Before recovery, you may preview the chosen types of files. The application lets you recover 1GB of data in the free version. It has become a highly popular choice for simplicity and efficiency. To solve any technical problem, you can contact a customer representative.

7. Disk Drill

As one of the high-end data recovery tools, it can recover both lost and deleted data. The software Disk Drill is compatible with Mac and Windows computers. The deleted videos, images, audio files, and documents are easily recoverable. The data recovery software also ensures data security with Drive backup and Recovery Vault features. You need to go through only 4 steps to restore your data. One of the unique features of the software is that you can organize the lost files by their categories. However, you cannot make any phone calls to the customer representatives.

Overall, the interface has a highly user-friendly design and is better than other data recovery applications. You may recover your lost data from different storage devices like USB sticks and hard drives.

Choosing the best data recovery program

There are several data recovery applications available for you. However, it is important to make the decision carefully. The low-grade software may prevent you from recovering the original quality of the deleted files.

The most important thing to select the right data recovery software is performance. The best applications can retrieve the permanently removed files and folders, which are removed from your Recycle Bin. Moreover, reliable software can recover almost any type of file, including videos, audio, documents backups, and archives.

In most cases, data loss affects different storage devices like USB flash drives, memory cards, and SSD. Furthermore, you have to ensure that the application is equipped with a range of features. For instance, recovery of particular files, the preview of deleted files, and recovery of partially unreadable files are some important features of the software.

You may also compare the pricing details of the data recovery software. Some applications are available in a free version with an option for upgrading them.

This comprehensive guide will help you choose the best data recovery software for your needs. Review our chosen software applications and make the right choice for your needs.